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We possess a high sense of creativity in art, taste, and design. We know about all themes that is modern, tradition, whimsical, vintage, regal, rustic, glamour and royal. We do a lot of research on all worlds that is old, ancient, celebrity, simple, classic and upcoming trends on social media, Tv channels, You tube, magazines and websites. We are good listeners and are able to get the highlights of your interests from your communication and imagination. This will help us tailor your every department of event that is décor, dressing, lighting, music, set up to your interests hence bespoke concept and design. This is never about us it’s always about our client and their interest is our priority. We have done many trials and many events so we know what will come out. Hence come up with the right unique concept theme and design for every individual within the available budget.


We are shrewd negotiators, we know the market and market values and several options which helps us in discussing the budget and moving variables on the budget to rank priorities. We will sensitise the client about the market values, trends to detail so that they know the value of what they want. We further make sure that the vendors selected give right packages for the paid up amounts so that there is no conflict arising because of lack of market knowledge and also the client gets value for their money. In the end the both the client and the vendor is not cheated. We are able to negotiate discounted packages from vendors because of our past working relationships and partnerships. This helps the client get more compared to the price paid. We prepare service level agreements between the vendors and client to ensure service delivery.


We have the ability and experience to recognise what no one is seeing or asking giving every requirement attention to detail. We have gained this overtime in our work xperience to double check and look out for any loop holes and close them or plan accordingly. To plan, organise and manage an event you must be able to be analytical all way through in creating a concept, making sure you make structures that will support the concept without collapsing to check lists and to the event. We are able to know what is next on program and double check its requirements. Let us assume cake cutting is next. We ask several questions and answerthem clarifying that we are good to go for the activity. Do we have the knife?Are there people to pop Champaign?What of cutting and serving?Are there gift cake wrapper? What of the list of people to receive the cakes? Are the Champaign glasses ready? What song does the couple prefer on that activity? This process is reviewed on every activity on a program of an event.


Every event needs funds and funds need to be handled professionally. With a planner at the top of the leadership team with a BSc. In Accounting and Finance, where she has practiced accounting, finance, auditing and management, financial discipline and constant accountability is mandatory. We are able to draw draft budget according to the description of interests which is later adjusted after current market survey and final selection of vendors. We strictly work within budget and are always ready to do budget reviews cut budget to fit in reality in order not to strain the client. We are able to move variables on the budget and priotise. We give every single accountability of money given to run the event and attach vouchers.


Planning and management of an event calls for serious multitasking where you’re handling many things or activities at the same time. Making sure venue set up is going on well as planned and on time at the same time bridal saloon is also on time including the grooms saloon, someone is on breakfast for the bridal team without forgetting washing and decorating for bridal cars. This helps you to focus even when along the way disasters try to throw you off balance you still focus and keep the eyes on the success of the event. We are able to come up with solutions and improvise by doing damage control in case of any problem without scaring and stressing the client but instead keeping a smile and not letting our guests know about the crazy behind the scenes. We carry the stress and give you a stress free and serene event.


We are always on time and punctual to date. This is guided by the program we draw prior to the event to guide both our team and the vendors. Activities are supervised without compromise according to agreed time. However we are able to handle all this with a friendly smile and welcoming environment for friends and families not, making it a war. We are responsible and take full responsibility to the extent of our supplies, our vendors and team. We ensure that the event has to be a success no matter what. We take the act of full hand over of the event to our team so serious and ensure we execute to detail.

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