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We have the ability and experience to recognise what no one is seeing or asking giving every requirement attention to detail.

We have gained this overtime in our work experience to double check and look out for any loop holes and close them or plan accordingly.

To plan, organise and manage an event you must be able to be analytical all way through in creating a concept, making sure you make structures that will support the concept without collapsing to check lists and to the event.

We are able to know what is next on program and double check its requirements. Let us assume cake cutting is next. We ask several questions and answer them clarifying that we are good to go for the activity. Do we have the knife? Are there people to pop Champaign? What of cutting and serving? Are there gift cake wrapper? What of the list of people to receive the cakes? Are the Champaign glasses ready? What song does the couple prefer on that activity? This process is reviewed on every activity on a program of an event.

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