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After the Planning process is over, service providers are confirmed. The team continues to ensure that the agreed plan is going to be executed as per contract. That is where Event Management comes in. The team handles guest lists and invitations, RSVPs, continuous budget reviews and cuts in order not to strain the client. They follow up on action dates, deadlines and correspondence,allocate responsibilities, Ensure that things get done on time and correctly, for example designing invitation cards and sending them out, tailoring of the bespoke gown and suits plus bridal maids dresses.

All this is a continuous process handled by the company in terms of calls, movements, check-ups on vendors and the couple only appears for fittings and adjustments of garments to size on booked and communicated dates and time. This helps the couple to continue with their normal day to day life, go to work, enjoy their last single days, book in spas for health body treatments and relaxation, research on their honeymoon go for their bridal showers (bachelorette party) and stag parties ( bachelor’s party).

The team advises on the entire event with guidance of the client’s interests, defend the couple’s interests from family friends and vendors, Carry out demos and trials like cake tasting for choice of flavours, practical décor table set ups or demos to visualise colour themes and a glimpse of the d day and make sure the event will be executed as per agreed packages without compromising taste and beauty.

In the last weeks, a checklist is used to tick off what must be done, picking of clothes from stores and all extra final purchase needed. The team is well allocated and they take posts for those in charge of venue, saloon, church and logistics. A combination of multitasking and analytical skills is put in to execute and look out for any missing out clues as the final days and activities enfold.

Some people always think of considering the use of family and friends to manage the event but have you ever wondered if your family and friends really understand to detail your taste and needs of your event? Or who will be in charge in case they got an emergency? Let’s say the chairman organising committee has to go back home to pick a spouse? Would you want your sister to miss your church moment as you say I do because she is in charge of décor? It’s with this that we say, it’s okay to have family and friends supervise but let the team at Stress free and Serene Events manage to detail your event. Let your family and friends enjoy this moment with you. Let them not miss an important speech because they are caught up in the catering section.

At Stress Free and Serene Events, we believe the Events planner / manager should act as a coordinator, bringing all the variety of services and suppliers to order, ensuring that everyone is attuned, and simultaneously act as a conduit between the client and all sub-contractors involved with in the event. We offer a turnkey operation for our clients, eliminating the bother of having to deal with numerous different suppliers and all the intricate details involved in organizing an event.

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